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What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO focuses on the number of quality backlinks from another website to yours. The number of links increases to your site also increases the google ranking. For example, backlinks you can do with social media, blogging, directories etc… On-page seo is also called on-site seo. It is process of optimizing the web pages of a website.

Factors of Off-page SEO


Backlinks means the links from other sites to your website. When the number of links increases the ranking also increases. The backlink anchor text is a major factor too. Most of the anchor text contain brand name.

Social promotions

Social media post can generate more clicks to your sites and it create a traffic on your site. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc..

Local SEO

Local seo is helps to maximize the visibility of your site. It refers to optimization of the website in a specific local area.


PPC (page per click) it is the way of buying visits to your site. PPC refers to internet marketing, advertiser pay a fee on per users clicks. It increases the traffic to the website

How to build backlinks?

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